The Steward’s Keep (Editorial #0)

Editorial for Issue Zero (Appearing at the end of the issue)

by Brian Rosten

Well, you’ve made it to the end, and like the nerd you are, you’re still reading. Unfortunately, I will not be rewarding you. In this space, I’ll mostly be giving you boring details of the small annoyances that come with running a magazine, and occasionally I’ll offer my unsolicited opinions. I know, awful, right? (Well, if you don’t like it, do what I did, and start your own goddamn magazine)

But today, my job is not to inform, but to implore. Today, my job is to sell this magazine to you. Because we need subscribers, and we need donations, to keep going. So why the hell should you pay money to this rag?

I like to think this magazine is different from the others, but not the way punk-bands think they’re different from all the other punk-bands. When I was researching this idea, I did in fact find that no one else is doing this – making horror that’s accessible for teens. There’s other stuff out there, like fantasy/horror, and non-gory-horror, etc. But nothing that asks that we take the opinions of the young or uninitiated seriously. Nothing that asks them what they want. This magazine strives to do that. And it needs your support to achieve this mission.

So, if this is to be accessible to teens, why have an adult panhandler as an editor?

Well, a few reasons. The first is that you need someone with some experience in writing and publishing that can push out a product to be sold. As much as I’d love to have this created “by teens, for teens,” kids have a hard time doing something large and complicated and getting it done consistently.

But there’s a second, sort of sinister reason. Because we don’t take kids and teens seriously, we don’t give them money or power (to an embarrassing degree). So, if you want to get something off the ground, it has to appeal to adults. This magazine, if it survives the harsh light of literary snobbery and the fickle nature of the free market, will be purchased by, subscribed to, and donated to by adults. It’s a plain fact, and one I thank one of my managing editors for pointing out to me at the beginning of this project.

So if you’re an adult, and you like this idea, or you like the art and writing in this issue, please consider becoming a subscriber. Or, at the very least, give some love via word-of-mouth. You’d be surprised how helpful that can be in the publishing world.

So, that’s my plea. Are you afraid of commitment? Then send a donation on PayPal. Want rewards? We already have a slew of Patreon tiers, some cheap, some disgustingly expensive, so you can enjoy the fullest extent of what The Maul has to offer.

But despite all this rambling and self-deprecation, I want to offer one more reason you should support us. I believe this magazine deserves support because it is good. Plain and simple. The work in this issue is immaculate. Our artists are wonderful human beings with great things to say: Angela, Akis, Robin, Chrissie, Michell, and Michael…thank you all for exemplifying our mission. And our staff, Bryanna, Joe, Samantha, Evan, and dozens of friends and family who patiently listened to me shout about how this magazine needed to exist, I am forever indebted.

So if you want to be a part of this, or if you want some sweet merch, check us out on PayPal or Patreon, and I promise, you will not be disappointed.

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