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  • Tiff and Lainey #2

    by Alina Wahab

  • Monster HD

    by Selma Nieuwoudt

  • Hello Fellow Kids

    Every once in a while, we come together collectively as a culture to celebrate one of life’s least prestigious yet most impressive achievements: the successful artistic representation of adolescence. It’s a delight we all savor when a movie or a book or a television show actually pulls off the daring and oft-bungled attempt to show […]


    by Megan M. Davies-Ostrom Rachel propped herself up and studied the bell her step-mother, Eleanor, had placed on the bedside table.  Rachel liked the sound of bells. Throaty church bells, strident dinner bells, and the sweet little bell on Miss Kitty’s collar that chimed as she came running for the milk Cook put out each […]

  • Nothing

    by Douglas Smith “It’s nothing,” he says, not for the first time. She watches him straighten his tie in the hall mirror. So he doesn’t have to make eye contact, she thinks. “I fear nothing?” she says. “Then I must be fearless. I don’t feel fearless.” Leaning on the kitchen doorframe, she hugs her faded […]

  • A Hand to Hold, a Mouth to Speak

    by Ai Jiang They gave her to you ten years after your birth, when they realized your mouth would not open, when they realized your voice box was broken.   She had on a pretty dress that looked much like your own: knee-length, frilly, with matching polka dot stockings that looked as though there were large […]

  • Wisp in the Dark

    by Lyndsey Croal The gate to the cemetery at the end of my road was locked after dark, but I knew the way in. Hidden behind overgrown bramble bushes was a crumbling gap in the wall, just small enough to crawl through. I collected some brambles on the way in, ate a few and pocketed […]

  • Agency

    by Christopher O’Halloran Chuck’s suit would protect her from the vine, but not from Booker’s furtive glances. He walked in step with her toward the danger zone and away from a command post buzzing with personnel.  Sunshine lit up the field. What she wouldn’t give to run carefree and barefoot over the lush grass. Instead, […]

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