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  • Open Mic Oct 30th

    Beta-readers can come in all shapes and sizes. Sometimes they’re random strangers you meet on the internet. Hopefully, your beta’s aren’t merely the comments section on your latest self-published memoir. The Maul Magazine would like to offer a quick and easy way to get beta-readers. A way that doesn’t mean hiring an editor. A way […]

  • Slush Readers Wanted

    Reading slush is like babysitting an annoying cousin. You get to choose when you do it, and how often you do it, and even though it can be grating there are also times in which it is extremely rewarding. And you only have to put up with the occasional verbal abuse. The Maul currently seeks […]

  • Tiff and Lainey #1

    by Alina Wahab

  • The Steward’s Keep (Editorial #0)

    Editorial for Issue Zero (Appearing at the end of the issue) by Brian Rosten Well, you’ve made it to the end, and like the nerd you are, you’re still reading. Unfortunately, I will not be rewarding you. In this space, I’ll mostly be giving you boring details of the small annoyances that come with running […]

  • Transitional Journey

    by Oladosu Michael Emerald

  • Emerge

    by Michelle St. James

  • Issue Zero

    Below is our Issue Zero in its entirety. Let us know what you think, and consider becoming a donor or subscriber (to get those sweet perks!) Click the download button for the best experience (imho)

  • Sweet Caroline

    **Originally published by Bronzeville Speakeasy** By Angela Sylvaine Caroline’s flashlight beam swept across the dilapidated structure of the St. Agnes Hotel. Only two stories, yet it seemed to tower over her. The face of the building was dominated by four columns, perhaps the only thing holding the structure up, and behind the columns darkened windows […]

  • Ink

    By Akis Linardos It started as a moldy splotch on one corner of the living room ceiling, soon expanding into a long crescent like the smile of a goddamn Cheshire cat. I squeeze a mop on it and rub until my muscles ache behind my elbows. The mop gets black and smudgy, and it smells […]

  • Human Touch

    By Robin Lanehurst  “They’re vampires, obviously,” Emmy said, swirling her margarita. “Has that never occurred to you?  Vampires. Queer activist groups had been warning us for years, and as far back as sophomore year of college I remembered a classmate writing an incendiary paper about vampires and neoliberalism, but I hadn’t paid much attention. I […]